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When a person is contemplating divorce, fear of an uncertain future can control his or her decision-making ability.  What will my future look like?  Will I have to find a job or go back to school?  Will I need to relocate?  Over time, most people will recover from the breakdown of their relationship, but they will have to live with the financial decisions they made while under great emotional distress for the rest of their lives.  Knowledge, education and the right professionals are the best weapons against these emotions and fears.  We can work with you and your team to provide the support, knowledge and information you need for your unique situation.  Informed Divorce Decisions can help you make better decisions, give you a clear view of your financial future and show you how to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.
Financial Strategies and Planning for Divorce


"Financial questions" are the primary concern that keep people awake at night.  They wonder if their divorce settlement will be fair and provide for the life they envision after they end their marriage.


Whether you are working with an attorney, a mediator or a collaborative team, preparation and an understanding of your financial needs will help you negotiate with confidence.  Informed Divorce Decisions should be involved early in the divorce process.  We will provide a clear view of your financial future and show you how to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.  We will help you produce a financial affidavit and analyze your spouse's affidavit for potential discrepancies or missing information.  We will analyze the entire financial situation to minimize the possibility of hidden assets, improperly valued assets or outright errors.  We will provide detailed financial analysis of any proposed settlement as well as analysis of the way in which changes will effect the lives of both spouses for the next 10-20 years.  The result will be a clear view of your financial future which will allow you to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family while maintining relationships that matter.

Services for Divorce Professionals


Are you confident that the settlement you've drafted for your client will ensure he or she will be able to pay his or her bills?


The CDFATM professional's role was created to assist the attorney, not replace the attorney. The Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFATM) becomes part of the divorce team.   CDFATM professionals help attorneys and their divorcing clients address the special financial issues of divorce with data that will arm you with everything you need to present a powerful case. 


The CDFATM can help gather financial and expense information, identify the client's financial goals and help to manage client expectations.  Informed Divorce Decisions will provide a clear understanding of the financial aspects of pending decisions using data, charts and graphs, to clearly illustrate the short-term and long-term impact of any proposed divorce settlement.  Informed Divorce Decisions will help to empower the client to make educated decisions throughout the process. 


Informed Divorce Decisions can do all the financial analysis so that you don't have to.


Post Divorce Transition Assistance
Now that the divorce is final, it's time to deal with implementing the terms of your settlement agreement.  Bank and investment accounts need to be consolidated, a QDRO completed and wills, trusts and insurance needs reviewed and revised.  This can seem overwhelming, but you don't need to tackle it alone.  Informed Divorce Decisions will work with you as long as you need to ensure that you don't overlook anything important. 
We will work with you to be sure that the terms of your settlement agreement are met and you receive all of the assets to which you are entitled.





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