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"Cheryl Godwin with Informed Divorce Decisions has guided me through this painful and difficult process of divorce. I would highly recommend her because she does indeed fulfill her mission statement – she provides practical solutions and a friendly shoulder to lean on when you need it the most. She also instills confidence. I worked with her for a year and a half.   She provided my attorney with all the financial numbers, which saved me time and money in attorney’s fees.  Cheryl was recommended to me by a financial planner in Nashville who is a close friend and was also highly recommended by two of her former colleagues at SunTrust Bank who described her as highly qualified with her background in banking and experience working with Trust and Wealth Management clients.


Cheryl was extremely organized and helped me with all of my financial issues .  She worked with me to get the attorney everything that was needed for mediation and to get a good settlement that was fair for me. She was very professional and always very prompt in getting back with me with either phone calls, emails, or texts - whatever worked. When I needed her, she was there. This is an emotional time, and she understands it, so when I was not functioning well, she was there for me. She went to mediation with me and was extremely helpful. We also met once with the attorney before mediation.  I was thankful that she was calm and knowledgeable and did everything I had hoped.  The result was a good outcome. It is often hard to think about financial matters when you are so emotional, and I was not thinking clearly. She grounded me and guided me through this long and difficult journey.  When I began the divorce process, I never thought I would have a joyful future when all was said and done.  She always told me things would get better, and she was right.  Now the worst of it is over, and I have Cheryl to thank for this. Throughout the process, she and my attorney both told me the to take baby steps, and that helped me to make good decisions and not to “hurry up”.


She has been through this experience herself, so she knows what you are going through and gave me many words of encouragement, such as “when you get through this in a year, you will find you are ready to start your new life.”  I never thought that would happen but now I see she was right!"      E. A.




"Last summer, when my husband filed for a divorce, I went through an overwhelming whirlwind of emotions.  When he started talking money, I became even more overwhelmed.  I had no idea what I was entitled to or if I was entitled to anything.  He was telling me one thing, I was hearing differently from others (everyone, as good as their intentions may be, seems to have an opinion or advice when things like this happen).  My therapist referred me to Cheryl, and I met her soon after.  She was very accommodating as to where and when to meet (I live in Alabama).  Her knowledge and skills helped me to better understand how these things worked.  She even printed out beneficial and informative articles to help me further understand the process.  She helped me realize that he couldn’t just throw me away without any financial support at all.  Cheryl is a warm and lovely person, and she has made the entire, confusing financial aspect of my divorce much less overwhelming.  She was a source of comfort during this tumultuous time in my life.”    K. D.

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